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Like a movie

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My (30f) old college friends told my husband (31m) I’d slept with over 100 men


Tldr; he spotted them as he knew them from our wedding and they were all laughing and joking about how I was back then and telling stories about how I’d slept with some of them and over 100 guys.

He went out with two of his friends in the city centre while I was staying home with our kids. They ran into some guys who went my college and they told him a lot about me.

He woke me up in the middle of the night cried and asked me why I didn’t tell him and asked if I’m cheating on him. I didn’t understand him at first then he explained what happened and I just started crying. I told him I loved him and he said, you don’t.

I don’t know what to do he’s sleeping on the couch and even said ‘is he even mine’ about our son. I don’t know how to fix things with him he’s just unresponsive and cold to me now. I’m trying to be a good mom but our kids can sense somethings up.

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Discussion If you as a teenager smoke, vape, drink, or take edibles, I have lost essentially all respect for you.


Disrupting your body’s development for a short lived dose of dopamine is possibly one of the most irresponsible and immature things a teenager can do. I don’t care if it “helps with my depression” no the hell it doesn’t. There are so many better ways to deal with mental health issues. Substance abuse is not one of them. Do better. I hate seeing all of the posts and comments where kids talk about vaping and drinking and smoking weed.

Edit: I have personally gotten myself out of depression and harmful mindsets without the use of any drugs or substances. It wasn’t easy but if I can do it, so can you.

Edit 2: No, this does not include cannabis prescribed by a doctor.

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AI I'm 45 years old, and thanks to AI I'm teaching myself how to code web applications in Python (with no previous experience). Within three months I'll be as good as some people who do it for a living.


A few months ago I decided to become a published author, and today I've sold nearly 5,000 copies of my first book . . . and my second book, which hits the shelves in two weeks, will sell at least twice as many copies.

I'm doing all of this because AI has let me be good at as many things as I want to be, as fast as I can learn them. Once I figure out coding, I'm going to move on to something else.

I'm pretty sure AI is going to let me have at least three more careers -- maybe in completely different fields -- before I die.

I'm like a broken record with this . . . but man, what a freaking amazing time to be alive. I can literally be whatever I want to be, without anyone else's approval or help.

You can do the SAME thing, regardless of who you are or how old you are. Just decide you're going to FIGURE IT OUT.

AI is literally giving us all a second, third and fourth chance at re-inventing ourselves if we want to.

Your story might just be getting started . . . even if you think it's almost over.

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OT - Shitpost If Octopath Traveler was a Live Action


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Discussion This Sub has lost its purpose


This sub is useless and unusable now, full of Messi fans (not PSG fans, they're fans of one player, they have no team to follow) being toxic and just being obnoxious fanboys just saying whatever (outside of licking Messi they don't post about anything else)

This sub has become shit and it will be shit until Messi leaves PSG of course (probably happened in the barca subs as well as the United sub when CR7 went there, the fans of these two are parasites). I think most real PSG fans would agree with me. Just let's join the PSG French sub or create anoter one for the anglophones real fans/supporters

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Making an “axe leg kicker”

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DEBUNKED 🤥 I hear we’re very close to a Superman casting announcement… or leak Very very close… Role MIGHT even be cast or in final talks. (Grace Randolph on Twitter)


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Question 5 episodes in, is it me, or is this just drawn out and boring?


So, does it get better? There seems to be so much spectacle and nothing behind it.

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Aten hut

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Xi Jinping Says He Is Preparing China for War

Thumbnail foreignaffairs.com

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Military hardware & personnel Ru pov, Ukrainian soldier calls for overthrowing of Ukrainian government

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berkey is 🤡

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Discussion I dont know what this reddit sub is smoking, but having texture and details on characters is not equal to ugly and/or old. I personally find real females more attractive than mannequins

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Meme PUNK and Branded Decks should be nerfed.


The fact that they are the topping decks in the recent Duelist Cup shows they are problematic decks and should be nerfed heavily.

For Branded, they could do this by banning Branded fusion, Mirrorjade and Despian Tragedy. For PUNK decks, Chaos Ruler, Ze Amin and Deer Note should be the ones to be hit, either by banning or limiting them. In addition, to help other decks compete with the aforementioned decks, Skill Drain along with other generic floodgates, should also be put at 3 copies and for good measure, Dragoon should also be unbanned as well.

With these changes, Branded and PUNK decks will become more tolerable to face against, and in addition, they will see less play in ranked, therefore, giving chance for fun decks such as Runick stun to see more play.

P.S. In case it wasn't obvious from the meme flair, this is a joke post. Hopefully you had a laugh reading this and I wish you a good day.

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Advice needed How did our hotel know my wife left a negative Google Maps review?


We're staying in a hotel in a country without strong privacy laws, but this is beyond creepy. We just received a phone call to our room phone from reception, noting that we'd left a negative review, and apologising, I assume hoping we'd amend the review.

The question is: how could they have have known my wife left a negative review? She left it under her maiden name, which is still used for one of her Google accounts. We talked to them and they claim an outside service told them about the review, and tried to bullshit us that we'd somehow have to leave a phone number as part of the review and they got her name from there. No information other than what's publicly visible on your Google account is available from seeing a review and nothing special is entered when making it.

Possibilities I've thought of why it could be, in ascending order of creepiness:

  1. They recognised the room from the picture of water damage included in the review.

  2. They puzzled together my wife's semi-unusual first name and that the Google account had left reviews in our home country to make a guess that it was her. But wouldn't it be risky to call, then, on the off-chance that the guess was wrong?

  3. The external service they use somehow connects big data points within Google and other services automatically to effectively auto-dox my wife.

  4. Everything we do on the hotel WiFi is monitored and the external security contractor somehow tracked that we used it to leave the review and connected it to our room number, that we had to leave to connect to the WiFi in the first place.

What do you think? Are any of these plausible explanations? What kind of services do review monitoring for hotels in the first place? I work in communications so I know the wealth of Internet monitoring services that exist.

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Image ImageThis is what SpaceX's Starlink is doing to scientific observations.

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Discussion These characters are a similar age…

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Female face design already loses a point in T8.

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News Young New Zealander of the Year first trans recipient in awards' 13-year history


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AI Pausing AI Developments Isn't Enough. We Need to Shut it All Down.


r/amiugly 21h ago Timeless Beauty Silver Hugz

F20 Tell me what you honestly think


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koil | Grand Theft Auto V Koil on Ludwig accepting Fansly Sponsorships


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You shouldn't wear headphones while at work


I am working in an office job and I have a lot of colleagues who wear headphones or earbuds during their work.

I don't know why this is so accepted by everyone. The problem is when I have to come to your office to ask you something urgent, I knock on the door, and then no one replies. So then I need to open the door, but it's always awkward because you didn't actually give me the permission to open the door. I hate doing this. Even worse is when they don't notice I opened the door and then I try to somehow raise attention to myself by waving my hands etc. and then the other person always gets startled. I just really hate how awkward this is.

If we are employed in a job which requires us to communicate daily at random times about some issues that come up, then it's impolite of you to force me into an awkward position by having to enter your office without your permission or by startling you. You are working here, so it should be your responsibility to make yourself reachable at all times.

Of course, there are some jobs, or some job tasks, that require the person to wear the headphones. Obviously this does not refer to such situations. I am referring to the situations where people listen to music at their work without needing to do so for the job, and thus putting their colleagues in an awkward and uncomfortable situation. However, everyone around me seems to be very tolerant and accepting of this practice.

Take your headphones off while at work. There is no reason to use them if the nature of the job doesn't require so.